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Customer Service

ABTECH Scientific, Inc.

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ABTECH wishes to maintain a record of the individuals requesting customer service information. This record is for administrative purposes only. In the event of changes or additions to our customer service package, ABTECH will use this record to notify all requestors of changes or additions.

NOTE: It is essential that you provide a complete and accurate mailing address. The web-site version of our product catalogues do not contain all the necessary technical support information. The information package you receive contains details of product specifications and application notes essential to the successful use of our products. This information package and product catalog will be mailed to the address you provide on this page.

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ABTECH Scientific, Inc.

n Suite D-317 n 713 East Greenville Street n Anderson n South Carolina 29621 n USA

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Tel.: +1 864 224 6047
Fax.: +1 864 225 4761

Virginia Biotechnology Association

BIO - The Biotechnology Industry Organization

The MOSIS Service:
For custom production of CMOS devices

Please check the appropriate boxes:

Food Industry

Environmental Diagnostics





Bioanalytical Chemistry

Biomedical Diagnostics



Biosensor Development

Chemical Sensor Development

Polymer Materials Characterization

Micro Electrochemistry

HPLC/LC Detection


Please send me Product Literature on:

EPSIS - Electroactive Polymer Sensor Interrogation System
EPMEs - Electroactive Polymer Transducers
IMEs - Interdigitated Microsensor Electrodes
IAMEs and IAIMEs - Independently Addressable Microband Electrodes
ECCs - Electrochemical Cell-on-a-Chip
MDEAs - Microdisc Electrode Arrays
Accessories Catalog - The Laboratory Products Group
BioSenSys - Handheld Diagnostics Workstation

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Contact: Ann M. Wilson, Manager,
Applications Development, ABTECH Scientific, Inc.
800 East Leigh Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219
Telephone Number: +1-804-783-7829 Fax Number: +1-804-783-7830

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