Research and Development capabilities 

ABTECH is a product focused company. However, ABTECH recognizes that one proven model for product innovation is to combine the creative energies, talents, proprietary position, and low operational overhead of an emerging growth company with the market savvy of a larger corporate partner. Accordingly, ABTECH provides quality, client-oriented services directed at commercialization programs in biosensor-based biomedical diagnostics. We provide cost-effective and rapid product development as well as manufacturing capabilities for the application of advanced biosensor technology to problems in test, measurement, and monitoring in the biomedical, agricultural, environmental, and pharmaceutical fields.

ABTECH undertakes co-development programs where ABTECH holds a technology interest going in and a technology and commercial interest coming out of such relationships. Using our core biosensor technology and our core expertise, ABTECH, effectively transitions your chemical and biosensor research effort into targeted product development.

ABTECH has core expertise in electrical and optical properties of polymers, electroanalytical chemistry, surface science, membrane properties of polymers, immunodiagnostics, enzymology, bioassays, bioimmobilizations, instrumentation, systems development and integration, and market and technology assessments.

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Strategic Relationships with Research Organizations:

  • The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Materials Science. Prof. David L. Allara: Smart Materials and Structures

  • University of Virginia, Department of Electrical Engineering. Prof. Michael Reed: Organic FET Sensory Devices for VOC Sensing

  • Clemson University, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Prof. Mike Kilbey: VOC Sensory Materials based on Polythiophene

  • University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago. Prof. Dyer Narinesingh: Bioactive Hydrogels.

Strategic Relationships with Market-oriented Companies:

Contact: Ann M. Wilson, Manager,
Applications Development, ABTECH Scientific, Inc.
800 East Leigh Street, Suite 52, Richmond, Virginia 23219
Telephone Number: +1-804-783-7829 Fax Number: +1-804-783-7830

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