(Microfrabricated Inerdigitated Electrode Arrays (IDAs))

IME-zoom-animation.gif (88229 bytes)

IME Visualization

The graphic to the left illustrates the pattern of interdigitation of the electrodes. As one zooms in, you begin to see the individual digits of the electrodes separated by mere microns. The digits are metal and the interdigit spaces are glass.

IME-fab-animation.gif (182086 bytes)

     Steps in IME Fabrication

  1. A titanium-tungsten (Ti/W) layer is first sputter-deposited onto the borosilicate glass substrate.
  2. The second layer applied is either gold (Au) or platinum (Pt).
  3. Using microlithographic techniques, one of our IME patterns is formed from the metal layers.
  4. Finally, a silicon nitride layer covers the chip and is windowed using a fluorocarbon plasma to expose the interdigitaton and bonding pads. 

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